Networked Home Automation Systems Give You Remote Access Of Many Home Functions

Posted on: 20 January 2016

Armed with a smartphone or tablet, you can easily control many of the functions in your home while away at the office or on a trip. You can control many aspects of your home security as well as keep an eye on the house. Here are some of the ways you can be in control of your home while miles away.  

Networked Home Security Systems

New security systems that connect to your home network allow you to tap into many of the same functions remotely that are available to you at the main touchpad used to control the system at home. With your smartphone or tablet you are able to:

  • arm and disable the security system
  • check on all of the door and window sensors
  • perform a self test of the system

One of the advantages of this remote access is that you no longer need to make copies of keys to give to friends and neighbors. Should you need them to access your house, you can remotely disable the security system and unlock a door for them. Lock the door and arm the system after they have left the house.

Home Surveillance

If you include networked surveillance cameras as part of your home security solution, you have even more access to your home while away, such as:

  • observe delivery people at the front door and let them in to leave a package
  • check on any pets left at home while you're away
  • inspect the exterior of the house for any issues during and after severe weather

Environmental Controls

Some of these functions may be integrated in a home security system or they may be installed as standalone devices on your home network.

  • Home lighting controls - Turn lights on and off remotely or change the color of programmable LED lights. You can create a more "lived-in" look to your house than when using a simple timer to control the lights.
  • Temperature controls - Thermostats are available that you can control from your mobile device. You can program these thermostats to automatically control the temperature while you're away. On your way home, adjust the temperature remotely so you'll arrive at a warm home.
  • Appliance controls - Networked devices are available into which you can plug electrical appliances such as coffee makers and crock pots. You can turn on the coffee maker on your way home to have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you. Or check on your crock pot and adjust the temperature to keep the food warm for you.

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