3 Tips For Building A Home Theater

Posted on: 6 October 2020

Have you decided to transform a room of your home into a home theater? If so, may be a bit more work than getting some nice speakers and a new television set. There are many options for upgrades that can quickly make a home theater become very expensive, which is why you want to keep the following tips in mind.

Create A Realistic Budget

It's crucial that you create a realistic budget for how much you want to spend on your home theater. If not, you may end up going a bit overboard when you pick things based purely on wanting to have it in your home theater. You need to look at everything you'll be buying and installing, which includes the screen, speakers, wiring, lighting, AV racks, acoustic panels, and even seating. Everything adds up quickly, and there are several varying price ranges for each item depending on what you want to purchase. Even an entry-level soundbar for an audio system can be quite pricey.

Come Up With A Wiring Plan

One problem with retrofitting an existing room with a home theater is how you are going to hide all the wires. You may want everything to look neat when the home theater is built, but that can be difficult to do unless you plan to do some renovation. You should come up with a wiring plan to figure out where you need to run wires and how you are going to do it. 

For example, you may need to open up a wall or ceiling to place a conduit inside, which is an empty pipe that allows you to fish wires through it later. This can be necessary to get wires to an overhead projector, to surround sound speakers in the back of a room, or to get wires from the AV rack to the screen without it looking like a huge mess. 

Consider Raised Seating

It can be difficult to comfortably fit everyone in a small room that you are retrofitting to be a home theater. If the room is narrow and deep, you may want to use raised seating so that people sitting in the back can see over the people sitting in the front. Raising the back of the room off the floor by a few inches can be just enough so that viewers do not have the screen obstructed by the head or chair of another person. 

Contact a home theater system service for more information. 


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