Adding A New Audio Visual Room To Your Building

Posted on: 14 November 2022

Whether you are designing a media room for a commercial building or for your home's entertainment area, there are several important decisions that you will have to make about the components and features of your new audio and visual system.

Surround Sound Systems

The quality of the audio that your system is providing can be an imperative factor in determining its overall performance. Unfortunately, poor quality or uneven audio design can lead to some areas of the room having significantly worse audio. While this may only seem important for theater and entertainment areas, it could also impair the ability of businesses to use their A/V room for presentations and video conferencing. Surround sound systems are an option that can minimize these issues while also providing individuals with high-quality audio output. The exact number and placement of these speakers can depend on the design of the room, but there are A/V company services that can assist with this part of the design and installation process.

Traditional Screens Or Projection Systems

The screen that you are using is another major component of this system. The option that may be best for you will depend on your budget for the A/V system installation as well as the size of the screen that is needed. For example, commercial video conference and presentation rooms may be well-suited with a large-screen television. However, a home entertainment space may benefit from the use of a projection system that could provide a theater-like experience for viewers. As an added benefit, a projection system may be far more affordable than what a sufficiently large television would require.

Lighting Controls

The lighting in the room with the A/V system is another factor to consider. In many instances, the lighting will need to be dimmed so that the screen can be seen as clearly as possible. To provide for this capability, you may need to upgrade the lighting fixtures in this space. Installing a lighting system that can be sufficiently dimmed will make it possible to optimize the viewing experience while ensuring that there is still enough light for people to see. While this may require some electrical work to be done to the room, it will be a relatively inexpensive project that could make using the new A/V system much more enjoyable. For those wanting the most convenient option possible, there are lighting controls that may be connected to a remote to allow for maximum control and convenience.

To learn more about audio-visual systems, contact an A/V company in your area.


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